About Tim

Tim DuRoche is a Portland-based jazz drummer, cultural writer, radio host, and artist-civic ecologist.  My work over the last 25 years (live performance, community engagement and conversation, curating, public art and journalism/creative nonfiction) has been part of an evolving fascination with the improvisational weft and warp that occurs between art, entertainment, history, culture, and the public realm.

Some projects I’ve done in recent years include:

Performing jazz and improvisation-based music with localnational and international jazz innovatorsdance companies, and at festivals far and wide.

Turning a bridge over the Willamette River into a beautiful singing structure, as part of a large-scale temporary public art project.

Hosting a weekly-radio show spotlighting the evolution and revolutions of jazz since 1959.

Facilitating community conversation in libraries, community centers, churches, performing arts centers, colleges, and artists studios across Oregon

Publishing a book on jazz and culture

Writing extensively on visual culturejazz and performanceplanning, urban history, and cultural policy.

Guiding public conversations around arts and culture, education, civic engagement and democracysustainability, and local history.

Since moving to Portland in 2000, I’ve also worked as a freelance journalist and with a number of creative, cultural, and civic organizations and logged in considerable time in grants administration and in investments and advocacy for culture, serving as a panelist for the National Endowment for the Arts, Regional Arts and Culture Council, Oregon Arts Commission, and Multnomah County Cultural Coalition, among others. Currently I am the Director of Programs for the World Affairs Council of Oregon.

Contact me: tim [at ] timduroche [dot] com