GATHER: Support a new dance work about convergence and community

GATHER is a new dance-music piece about convergence and community scheduled to premier October 25–28 and November 1–3, 2012 at Conduit Dance in Portland, OR.Developed by myself and choreographer Tere Mathern (co-artistic directors/co-creators),  GATHER explores notions of interdependence, connection, singularity, isolation, division— offering both creators and the audience ways to think about how we gather, create, agree and disagree and navigate common purpose —when the commons becomes more and more fleeting in our lives.Our seventh project (we’ve previously created two full-length performances including PIVOT, Mathern´s commission for White Bird in January 2010 as well as smaller works over the last five years), GATHER forges new ground for both Tere and myself —foregrounding the role of discovery, improvisatory composition, and group-driven creativity as a more richly concentrated element.

GATHER includes some of the region´s exciting artists: Battle Hymns & Gardens (saxophonists Reed WallsmithJoe Cunningham —both members of the critically acclaimed Blue Cranes—bassist Jon Shaw, drummer Tim DuRoche) and dancers Kristine Anderson, Eowyn BarrettLyra ButlerTere MathernRachel Slater, and Joshua Thrower.

We currently have a USA Projects Campaign running —through October 22. And we need your help.  

We need to raise $5500!  We are seeking funds for the final phase of the project and to pay artists a more ‘livable’ artist fee. We also need funds for production costs – a costume designer, and a lighting designer/technical director.

One of the overarching themes of the work is how we change the conversation about the commons and activate an ethos of  “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” Your donation makes you part of that “we” – helping to reinvigorate the commons through live art and ask the questions that illuminate who we are, what we believe, and how we GATHER.  You can give as little as $1 or as much as $1500 and get a live music performance in your home!

Your donations are also tax deductible! We are grateful for your support!  Thank you for supporting live art and new ideas!