Gift idea for the literary jazz-fan in your life

As Babs Gonzalez’ Bebop Santa would say: “cast your peepers into my righteous bag and see what insane object I shall lay on thee.”

Here’s a good idea for the holidays—fits in stockings along with the candy, oranges, copies of Melville’s The Confidence Man and other yuletide treats:

Occasional Jazz Conjectures: Vagaries, missives and meditations on the intersections of jazz and culture (durable goods)
“This joyous astute gumbo is in heavy rotation at Chez Meltz. DuRoche’s luscious style of insider know-how, outsider insights, a flowing deep texture of history & knowledge, tracer of mysteries intrinsic to the creative process, pleases & surprises at every page turn. His knack of making connections plays like an inspired (& inspiring) jazz solo. Selfishly, I want more & more.  
David Meltzer (author, When I Was a Poet and Reading Jazz)

Occasional Jazz Conjectures is an exploration of jazz’s edges and center — idiosyncratic reflections on the intersections of arts and culture; scenic detours connecting the dots between jazz and a broader landscape of mid-century politics and modernism, social history, visual culture, popular entertainment, and the avant-garde. The Conjectures are a bumper-car ride through jazz and the 20th century — careening from Bix Beiderbecke and Hart Crane to FT Marinetti, Frankie Laine and Henry Adams, Cecil Taylor and bebop, Abstract Expressionism, Cold War culture and the Beat era to meditations on the heroic impulse, love, death, revolution, and poetry.

You can order it (in either book-form or for those gizmos all the kids are crazy about) here